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The Alexandrian Church has fractured. New challengers to the Status Quo appear.

(This is next iteration of the Mainland Wiki, set roughly a century after the events of those campaigns.)

Where to begin

Active Groups

MFC Next™ Team Alfa - The Emissary's Last Stand? (???? 1516 FI)

MFC Next™ The Bounty Hunters - Tepest Province (SIGNAL LOST)

Mattiverse Next™ The Halfling Boys - New Wydmoor - (31 Sunforge 1515 FI)

Charlie Company: Omatachi Exiles - The Ulan - (16 Verdant 151? FI)

Delta Eight: The Neo-Alexandrians - Nia-Agliare - (+43 Days)

Echo Base: The Northern Sea - Saltmarsh - (????)


List of Stubs!