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Character Stats
Level 2
Race Goliath
Class Fighter
Armor Shield, chain mail
Weapon(s) Morningstar, Hand axes
Hometown Breiðklif, a former Goliath village and namesake of a refugee band

A dim but imposing young fighter.

Died in the Faewild to bring Wint back to life.

Early Life

Born just a few years before during the flight of her clan from the deeper south, Ettari was quickly chosen as a fighter's apprentice. She often serves as a low-ranking guard and tertiary translator for when her clan, the Breiðkliftr, visit Omatachi for trade. Her clan's name derives from their former home of Breiðklif.

As a result of White Plague that caused her people to flee from the deep South, her fighter training emphasized the oral traditions of her people much more than in previous generations. While she is no bard, she knows her clan's history fairly well.

Ettari earned her last name, "Blithskarkvuna" for defying jarl Gari in favour of her new friends and allies. Goliath last names denote actions for which the Goliath is known moreso than family connection. As such, she was only "Ettari Breiðkliftri", or "Ettari, a girl of the Breiðkliftr clan." When she earned her last name, it ends in "-kvuna", meaning "-woman", instead of "-ri", meaning "girl".


Built like a brick shithouse, with skin that is a blue-white except for frequently red cheeks.

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 7'5
  • Weight: 310
  • Skin: Icy blue-white
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White

Ettari's Character Sheet