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Character Stats
Level 4
Race Elf
Class Rogue 2/Bladesinger Wizard 2
Armor studded leather armor
Weapon(s) Rapier
Hometown Hakan


Sid is an extremely pale, gaunt, and tall young adult elf with stern features who is probably at least 110 years old. He generally does not attempt to disguise his elven features which most others find more off-putting and uncanny as opposed to old tales of elven grace and beauty. He is always armed and has a strong preference for clean and expensive clothing. Though often seemingly oblivious to much of what is going on around him and prone to staring and motionlessness when around others, he is capable of immediate super-human feats of speed and fighting skill.



Sid is taciturn to the point of rudeness and prefers to observe more than participate in conversation when possible. He is well-educated and has an exceptionally quick mind but poor social skills. While not entirely guileless Sid is neither a good liar nor a good judge of truthfulness. Having grown up wealthy he has a preference for high quality food, clothing, and accommodations but usually spends all of his money on tools and magical studies and instead makes do with basics. He is most comfortable around city gnomes and finds humans especially dirty, violent, and unthinking.

Early Life

Sid's childhood is a mystery to him. His first clear memories are waking up as an adolescent surrounded by gnomes in a research facility in Hakan 95 years ago. He had been discovered as a petrified statue among a collection of arcane objects in a captured cache from a Breaker Gnome dungeon. The stone to flesh transmutation was successful as far as his physical body, but his memories including how he came to be turned into a statue remain completely gone. He could only communicate in Elvish, and remembered nothing from his childhood or family. Despite many attempts by powerful gnome mages and mystics the only memory he has ever recovered is just a short flash of himself playing among the Coffea plants with other unknown elf children one of whom call him "Sid".

After months of testing he was released into the custody of one of the researchers, Theodarin Turko, who provided for Sid's education and housing while continuing to study him and monitor his condition and health. While their relationship was never particularly close emotionally, Turko's sponsorship did allow Sid to live a comfortable life and obtain an education and training in both wizardry and armed combat from skilled elven tutors (like this dude). Outside of these hired mentors Sid has never met another elf.

Current Life

Sid eventually took a job as part of a small force employed by the trading company of Grosko, Turko, and Leobgytha to gather intelligence and investigate along the trade routes of the Golden and Silver Roads used by GTL and their business partners. As a non-gnome and also his lack of social skills he is unlikely to be allowed to advance high in rank or get good assignments. His current assignment is a very nebulous mission to observe and report on the routes around Handlestadt and he suspects it is a complete waste of his time. He is due to present a full report on his findings in 5 years and otherwise is to keep notes, pass on information, and make himself available to any other missions or temporary assignments provided by his superiors. He has been in Handlestadt for nearly a year.

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