Wolf, of the Green

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Character Stats
Wolf portrait.png
Level 5
Race Half-Orc
Class Paladin
Armor Splint
Weapon(s) Battleaxe and Shield or anything
Hometown Somewhere around Handlestadt


Tall, thick, and brooding. Wolf is quick to flash a smile despite his stony exterior.

  • Age: 18 years
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Skin: Ashen grey
  • Eyes: Blue


  • Mother was a human slave to servitors. Father unknown.
  • Captured as a boy (~3-4) by Fresian soldiers during a foray across the river. His mother was freed, but despite her protestations he was moved to another city (sold to an enterprising fight master specializing in entertaining the traders from the west with the unknown and exotic).
  • Escaped during some sort of commotion and ran into the woods (~15).
  • Nearly froze to death, but was found and taken in by a group of Protest Stand hermits. They hadn't really figured out what to call themselves, but this loose knit group was comprised of druids, clerics and rangers from areas bordering the plaguelands. Through the druids they had found each other and discovered their common purpose for coming to these newly wild areas. To return to the purity of nature and attempt to rediscover or forge anew their link to the divine.
  • Wolf stayed with them for a few years just living and learning, but after a time the group approached him and discussed seriously his future.
  • Wolf became the first paladin of this fledgling faith and they sent him out into the world with their blessing according to the traditions they had known before the calamity.

The Spruce Ranger

Spruce the common speaking horse.

SPOILER Wolf's Character Sheet SPOILER