Monster Town

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A city in Fresia that is controlled by servitors.



Monster Town is a walled and moated city on the trade road from Draglet to Fresian markets. It sits in the hills where the Realstream and Fahstream rivers meet at the Realfalls and the town is built around bridges that span those rivers.


Originally a city in Fresia build up around bridges and the fortress of Ulm. The large arching bridges were designed by dwarves and built by Gildenhome workers and servitor slave labor. Following the widespread human depopulation of Fresia from the Green Flu in the winter of 1401, a group of servitors led by the Kobold wizard Master Blaster took the city as a refuge from the plague zombies.

The return of Gub and the Cleansing of Monster Town

In the Summer of 1402, a hobgoblin named Gub who had previously traveled through the city returned and founded The Order of the Red Door monastery. The Red Door Entrants (aka Gubbites) grew to become the primary lawful force in the city, and subsequently imposed their own... idiosyncratic version of Alexandrianism on the settlement.


Monster Town continues to make money from tolls on the roads and bridges as well as trade from Draglet and other nearby smaller monster mines.


The Order of the Red Door get to be monks. Monsters get to be monks. You do not get to be monks.