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Journeyman Alchemist Rory Fitzhugh

Character Stats
Level 4
Race Human(var)
Class [Alchemist] Artificer
Armor Mariner's Scale Armor and Shield (magically infused +1)
Weapon(s) Alchemist's Supplies
Hometown Dwarven village outside Vargain


A 23 year-old human male with lean, worn features, Rory is usually clad in scale armor fashioned from seashells and toolbelts of various sizes and functions. He has short, sandy blond hair and mutton chops.


Early Life

Rory doesn't recall his early life beyond the fact that he was abducted to the Feywild as a toddler. He spent his childhood there until he was rescued by a small group of dwarven explorers who happened upon him and proceeded to take him back to their village.


While his saviors were kindhearted, they still believed that any member of the village must earn his keep. Rory was initially put to menial tasks about the local farms before it was discovered that he had a propensity for hyper-focusing on certain tasks to the detriment of all other chores. Before long, he was apprenticed to the representatives of the Alchemists' Guild largely as a measure to get him out of everyone's hair. Fortunately, Rory discovered an aptitude for chemistry and transmutation, and he rapidly rose in the ranks of his fellow apprentices. He graduated to Journeyman in record time for a dwarf (probably above average even for a human!).

A Spot of Ill Fortune

Like many Journeymen of the Alchemists' Guild, Rory found himself traveling from city to city in hopes of finding either a patron or a tradesman in need of a steady Alchemist. Secretly, he also hoped to unravel some secrets of the physical world that would mark him as one of history's Alchemists of note. Sadly, he was abducted once again--this time by pirates intent on trading him as a slave in the town of Saltmarsh. Rory spent several weeks as a prisoner and laborer for these pirates until he was liberated by a group of adventurers themselves fresh from captivity.

Current Life

Rory now travels with those adventurers, confident that their exciting lifestyle will enable him to make discoveries alchemical and other.


The pirates from whom Rory was recently freed had an enchanted suit of Mariner's Scale Armor, which Rory now wears. To this he has added numerous bandoliers and toolbelts to contain his Alchemist's Supplies, Thieves' Tools, and Tinker's Tools. In combat, he protects himself with a steel shield Infused with some of his Artificer's ingenuity. However, he rarely wields the shortsword slung in his belt, preferring instead to fire blobs of acid or fire from the clockwork components of his shield or to conjure other useful effects with his Alchemy Supplies.

On his back, he wears a strangely-enhanced backpack he calls his "Bag of Holding." In his Bag of Holding, he keeps his Cook's Utensils & Mess Kit, Glassblower's Tools, and his Herbalism Kit, as well as an Alchemy Jug. Additionally, the seemingly bottomless bag contains several large textbooks, various trade goods and components, a bit of alchemist's fire, and a truly vast array of potions and elixirs.

Rory is always accompanied by a flying clockwork device he refers to as his "Homunculus Assistant," though his adventuring companions have begun calling it "Elegra." In a pinch, Elegra can fight by Rory's side with its surprisingly potent Force Cannon. Rory's homunculus assistant, a.k.a. "Elegra"