Gorra Lodeherck

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Level 5 Dwarf Cleric (Eastern Alexandrian), Lawful Good


Still considered fairly young in dwarf culture, Gorra is just over 50. Her clan had a rough time recovering after the Calamity and had to rely on assistance from the community, where the monastery played a big part. The actions of the clerics there had a great impact on Gorra and so she joined when she was old enough. Now she's on her first mission as a cleric to serve her community and people in the outside world.


Earnestly optimistic as Dwarves go, Gorra wants to make the world better.


Helping others is the highest goal, and will bring honor to my religion and to my clan.


I'm ambitious and want to dive in and do good.


I'm not very good at navigating among competing goals, and I can't always help *everyone*


Skills & Abilities

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