Order of the Red Door

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A sect (or heresy) of Alexandrianism founded in Monster Town in the summer of 1402 by Gub. Gub based her order on the teachings of The House of the Green Hobs in Ulan where she was raised.

The House of the Green Hobs is a noble order of hobgoblins who believe they have risen above their goblin nature and strive to live by a strict code of rules that separate themselves from the what they see as the more bestial nature of the goblins. They were founded some time around 1001 by a hobgoblin who was visited by constant dreams of Alexandria, and who laid down the strict laws for the order. That Hobgoblin, named Blurg, was tutored by the run-away daughter of Hamus Tramphren, a monk at the University of Fresia. Myra Tramphren tried to teach Blurg all she knew about the church of Alexandria, but much of the teaching was corrupted.

Myra Tramphren taught Blurg ten koans. The Rules of Rising Hob are a literal interpretation of these koans, and the Green Hobs believe that fulfilling the koans gives them the power to transform the world around them into a peaceful place.

The Ten Koans that Myra Tramphren taught to Blurg are these. The "Ten Cones" that Blurg learned are as follows:

  • Drink your drink as fast as you can.
  • Only carry people on the road.
  • The Evil One is happy when you believe in gold.
  • You must speak loudly when talking to the wise.
  • Always blame things on the one who asks the most questions.
  • Ride a wild horse to escape the army.
  • Everyone likes strawberries!
  • Next time, blindfold the elephant.
  • Don’t ask someone else to punish a thief, just do it yourself.
  • The only thing that exists is anger.