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Arguably the most difficult magical path to master, Wizards are scholarly magic-users capable of manipulating the structures of reality through disciplined study of the arcane. While magic is generally agreed to have likely existed since the start of time, the specific techniques of study and training that make up wizardry with its repeatable and formalized incantations, techniques, and documentation systems were most likely first fully developed during Age of Demigods through the faith of Tilatil and to some lesser extent others of the Demi-Pantheon who specialized in magic.

To the greatest wizards, the world and everything in it is a mystery waiting to be solved. Knowledge is paramount and skill in wielding it conveys power. What the wizard does with that power defines them. The desire to learn more and the cost to do so often becomes an obsessive focus in a wizard's life. Their study and perfection of this art is done through nearly constant reading and writing. A wizard without their books and papers are quickly reduced to only the simplest of magical powers. For all of these reasons, Wizardry (and it's lesser cousin, Artifacing) is most often found in urban centers. While particularly wealthy villages, especially those on trade routes, might attract second-tier Wizards, such communities are not only better served by clerics and sorcerers, but also unattractive to wizards of real talent.

Areas with better childhood education produce more wizards and Hakan is particularly well known for identifying and advancing promising potential wizards from a young age, as there are few there that do not have at least some basic grasp of arcane theory and illusion magic.

While there are no doubt a great many hedge wizards in the Human Mainland who will take in promising apprentices, most true wizards of any power and prestige in those realms studied at one of the great Universities. Likewise, the time and expense required to follow this path often preclude all but the wealthiest and most connected individuals. Particularly wealthy Stonehauser halflings

While Dwarven society is intimately tied to writing and engraving, Wizards are rare among Gildenkind. Most Dwarves of such a bent find themselves as Artificers, a craft well supported by all the surviving Dwarven Colleges.

Noteworthy Wizards