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Eastern Alexandrianism still maintains a (tremendously diminished) Arch-Warden, tight hierarchy, and direct investiture. Arch-Wardens since The Calamity have always been human, though most of the Curia are Dwarven. The Eastern Church still maintains control of the coinage of most of the East.

The Eastern Alexandrian church is very strong the Fresia, Gildenhome, and the Temporal Authority. The Gnomish lands also, theoretically, adhere to Eastern Alexandrianism but it always of a very idiosyncratic nature.

There is a substantial (bishopric) level of Eastern Alexandrianism of Ubrekt, Wydmoor, Fresia the Free Cities, and the Successor Kingdoms

Eastern Alexandrianism is rare or even persecuted in Odessa, Celstia, and WALESLAND.