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aka Half-Elf. Includes both first generation children of a Sidhe and a Human parent as well as their descendants who have bred with other Demi-Sidhe or Humans.


Age of Demigods and rise of Ubrekt

Elves watch (along with Dwarves) as Ubrekt goes ham all over like 3/5ths of the Mainland. After the Halflings and Gnomes are swallowed by the Ubrekt war machine, Dwarves, Elves, and Humans come to a three party agreement that has Gnomes force migrated to Dwarven lands. The Elves remain in power within their ancestral homes of the forests of ancient Valley of the Sidhe though increasing interact with the rapidly expanding human population.

Half-Blood Revolts and retreat of the Sidhe to Sidhe-Praxen

A single generation of Elves continue to get up to mischief with neighboring Human lands, but treat the resulting offspring as second class people and develop a caste system that has Half-Elves doing all the shit work. The Half-Elves in the Human lands work to arm and aid their cousins and eventually there is a Soviet style coup that sees the Elves undergo a bloodbath that includes the slaughter of the vast majority of the Elven royals. The survivors retreat to what is now Sidhe-Praxen to forge a new society. The victors on the mainland begin a rapid process of development that involves clear-cutting the forests, but political cohesion never occurs and the region becomes Greek-style city states that constantly fight with one another. Over the centuries, the Elves-in-Exile become master navigators and sovereigns of the sea. Elven naval hegemony allows them to become the dominate power on the mainland in the wake of the breakup of the Ubrekti empire.

Genocide following the Assassination of Arch-Warden Hadrian Teldandilion

Marrwyn Teldandilion's kid gets got so she gets mad and extremely bloody revenge. Pretty much all Half-Elves are eventually hunted down and killed and for several hundred years they are practically unheard of in the Mainland.

Restoration of the Demi-Sidhe in the Wydmoor Swamp Turtle Temple

Nearly every Demi-Sidhe alive today is descended from a small group which survived the genocide by being turned to stone and hidden behind powerful magics in a temple located in the Wydmoor Swamps. They were restored to life a few years after the restoration of Wydmoor City in the 1400s.

Famous Demi-Sidhe


per base PHB race only, none of the SCAG or other variants.