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Wintaka "Wint" Emishi

Character Stats
Level 2
Race Human
Class Aberrant Mind Sorcerer 1/Hexblade Warlock 1
Armor scale armor
Weapon(s) spell and shield
Hometown Omatachi Village


Tall and lean, Wintaka Emishi is a human with long dark hair and dark eyes that sometimes glow with an eldritch blue light when casting spells. Outside of the immediate grounds of Omatachi Village he is likely clad in a loud set of armor made of hammered bronze plates covered by heavy dark cloaks. Within the village he may be clad in simple robes and coats and arguing to go back out for any excuse.


Early Life

an average child until magic and psionic powers began manifesting and then further warlock powers led to him having an ever-increasing focus on on fighting and testing his magical skills. Sorcererous and psionic powers are known to occur among the Omatachi and Wint has shown some ability with both as well as a recent supernatural skill with arms and armor. It is know that what you study and what you focus on is the magic you become skilled at and despite the urging of family and Grandmother Yin directly to focus on healing and protection spells Wint has only ever shown proficiency and interest in attacking and battle magic.

Current Life

He has proven himself on multiple hunts as well as escort trips alongside envoys and traders to other nearby groups. His success has been enough to earn at least some recognition as well as being trusted to carry valuable arms and armor. Wint has enjoyed his time among the neighbors of the Omatachi and he has learned to communicate relatively fluently in the regional Orc dialect as well the strange Giant language that the nearby Firbolg and Goliath communities share with the much wilder ogre and hill giant raiders despite their vast differences. Wint has only ever had limited and not particularly positive contact with nearby hobgoblins. Whenever Wint is in the village he aims to leave as soon as possible.


Wint wants to test himself and gain magical power through combat. He absolutely does not want to settle down and spend his life brewing potions and healing the village elders. If the warlock brain worms hadn't got to him he'd maybe have been the next village champion or maybe even village elder for decades but he'll probably instead get eaten by a giant polar owlbear he tried to fry with touch spells instead of running away. SPOILER Wint's Character Sheet SPOILER