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Character Stats
Level 4
Race Hakani Gnome
Class Wizard/Cleric
Armor Chain Shirt
Weapon(s) Staff, Dagger
Hometown Someplace in Hakan


Small, even for a gnome, Therunin is usually modestly dressed and buried in a book or correspondence. She keeps a similarly short wooden staff with silver runes inlaid at the top at hand.

  • Age: 97
  • Height: 3'1"
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Skin: A pale tone of something that probably would have been more colorful with more sunlight
  • Eyes: Glittering olivine
  • Hair: Dark purple, usually short



  • Born 1418 in Hakan.
  • Had a pretty normal family life with an older sister and brother. Mother was a tinkerer and worked with a local guild to sell her creations.
  • Great Aunt Orla was always my favorite relative and taught me Message when I was still rather young. I guess she was the one who really kindled my imagination to more arcane inclinations. Eventually she sponsored me for the University of Hakan.
  • I discovered an old library and pored over the texts I found there. One in particular, The Knaves of Octacles & Obelisks, led me to the question that still fuels many a sleepless night.
  • While finishing her magister's degree in arcana, Therunin was swept up in the creation of a new sort of educational organization by association with one of her advisers, Qualen Miggledy.
  • She supported the association and its mission while finishing her schooling and post graduation.
  • However, romantic troubles (it turns out when you don't have much time for sleep you maybe aren't great dating material even if you are a fancy pants scholar...) left her with a bit of an awkward environment at the university and she volunteered to help manage a regional branch of the association which was just setting up Wydmoor.


  • 1466, Moved in and started setting up the Wydmoor regional branch of the Circus Librorum with another Hakani native, Kellen Scheppen, and a representative of the college, Melis Doyle.
  • At Melis's suggestion checked out the local temple. Therunin hadn't been all that religious before moving to Wydmoor, but Melis thought it would be a good way to get to know the character of the city and having had an inkling of Therunin's interests, that it would be practical for her studies of magic not to neglect the divine. Whether this was a distraction tactic on Melis's part can only be speculated, but after 10 years of fairly regular attendance Therunin started studies to become a cleric. She found it to be the most confounding and exhausting "study" she had undertaken. There were no short cuts in her mind to make her body get used to armor and drilling that came along with what she had expected was a rather more.. sedentary pursuit.
  • After the death of the more open minded/lenient Hadriarch Edi, the new Hadriarch sought to remove Therunin from the church. When the boundy hunters returned from hunting down some stolen books they stashed the culprit Eurasmus in the Wydmoor church to keep him safe from harm. This provided the window the Hadriarch needed to create a scandal against Thurunin and the rest of the crew. Only thanks to the intervention of the Dutchess were things not worse.
  • Banished from Wydmoor dutchy late spring 1515 for a crime she did not commit, but plead guilt to for political reasons

Circus Librorum

Circus Librorum: Wydmoor

  • One of the founding Triumvir's of the Wydmoor branch.
  • Despite long colloboration with the college in establishing the local Circus Librorum branch, the college maintains a restricted section of book which Therunin and her fellow archivist have not been permitted to review. Probably one of her nearer term goals to change that.
  • Removed from office after being implicated in and admitting to the theft of several books from the Wydmoor Library's restricted section. Resulting in her banishment from Wydmoor for 1 year.

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