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Mefight and player of Anise and Uhanimara in the old world.

New world characters:

New world character drafts/works in progress, names not final until played!:
Ammalea Absold, Half-Elf Fighter
Alar Masamba, Human Warlock
Cora Knotwise, Boat Halfling Sorceror
Hattie, Wild Gnome Barb/Druid
Bahare, Peteran Blade Dervish
Ranged Cleric
Two-weapon Dervishy Fighter/Rogue

Sword Coast Characters for in house game

  • Natali, Tiefling Arcane Trickster/Bard
  • Erennua, Wild Elf Moon Druid
  • Radich, Human Kensei Monk
  • Dadzen, Dragonborn Storm Sorcerer/Celestial Warlock