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Character Stats
Level 2
Race Boat Halfling
Class Barbarian 2
Armor Armorless + Qa's Buckler
Weapon(s) Qa's Scourge
Hometown TBD

Four[teenth] Rindherder is a male Boat Halfling originally from the Ornath Landiing clans. Now part of Ma Sparrow's large family and from [wherever they were last at or whatever]


Four was the 14th babe to his parents when they were killed by angry scrag trolls. He was raised by his uncle who gave him his daddy's quirky gnomish gear, he took up boating while still a teenager. At age 14, he finally got himself promoted all the way to fourteenth-hand on a 20 halfling boat rotating crew, which fit him fine.... until 2 years later, 10 of his mates died and he got promoted. From then on everyone just called him "Four" because that was his new rank and also whenever they said "teenth" it reminded them about all of their dead friends and family. Feeling truly disconnected from his past, he shortly thereafter took up with Ma Sparrow who was kind enough to give him a new family. He longs for the waters, but he's not quite sure he's ready. But he's fiercely defensive of his new family members and will do anything to keep them safe.

Legacy Gear

The strange gnomish gear might be the weapons and buckler that Qa died with, because his birth family recovered them from an old scrag troll cave near Ornath Landing.