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Magical crafters exist in small numbers among all nations, but the most renowned are the Dwarves of Gildenhome for their magical weapons and armors and the Gnomes of Hakan for their wondrous items and trinkets. The brewing of magical potions is very common across the mainland and any town large enough to appear on a map probably has someone who brews and sells potions though in some cases the "potions" may be nothing besides mundane traditional medicine.

Renowned Artificers

Dreadlord Hurtz

Theodarin Turko

Hedrifax Kaine (the Younger)

"Batshit" Bashir

see also 5e House Rules

  • Alchemist: Many alchemists are trained as apprentices to existing potion makers in smaller communities and may only receive very limited magical education, but more formal education options are available such as the University of Wydmoor which was founded with a focus on Alchemy.
  • (NPC-only) Magical Crafter: the extremely rare and skilled creators of magical items. Most common among the Dwarves and Gnomes who live long enough to master the several complex skills required to permanently imbue magic into masterwork creations and only occurring in the shorter-lived races as unique or singular geniuses, mad scientists, and savants.
  • Other subclasses: discouraged and disallowed for PCs without prior GM approval. magical mechanical constructs are very rare and usually very expensive and powerful on the Mainland so things such as the Battlesmith steel defender or Artillerist cannons or force blasting armors for low-level PCs are out of place