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The Omatachi

You are one of the Omatachi, a small but ancient group whose oral histories go back many thousands of years. Your people originally came to this land over 1500 years ago, following a great leader across the Blue Saltplains riding horses made of wood and settled in the Summerlands.

The people of the Summerlands, however, had already divided up the world amongst themselves into great kingdoms and no love was given to your people and no respect was accorded to their ways. For generations, your people were pushed further and further into the wild and frontierlands of the world, where they continued to encounter settled peoples and entrenched cultures that refused the Omatachi aid or comfort. Further generations forced the Omatachi from the frontierlands into the deep and wild places of the world, where they were finally able to settle for good.

In the centuries since, the isolated but talented Omatachi people have prospered, if not exactly thrived, on the edge of world. Only the Sledge People of the Ice Wall to the south live in harsher conditions, and as such, the Omatachi have become a hardy and disciplined people. While some trade is conducted with small tribes and a network of small and distant villages for steel and crafts, the Omatachi people have been content to remain relatively self-sufficient and isolated. Therefore, tales of the Omatachi have largely disappeared from the world at large, as has Omatachi understandings of the world they left behind. However, the Omatachi have hung on to many of their old ways, and somewhat compensate for this by possess skills and understandings absent from civilization proper. [1:59 AM] The World of the Omatachi

You live in a great and expansive wilds. It is often cold and not often pleasant. Your people are simple, if not exactly primitive, and live in a small walled settlement that serves as a nexus for Omatachi trade, society, and defense. The Omatachi subsist largely as hunters and gatherers, although simple tuber, squash, and beans agriculture provides the nutritional stability required to survive the long and harsh winters in the arboreal forests at the edge of the Fields of Ice. Your religion is unique to your people: a simple faith that revolves around ancestor veneration, although most of the surrounding people the Omatachi trade with practice some form of animist spirit worship, as well.

There is a small group of ANTINOMIANS that also exist among your people, who practice a monastic martial tradition brought by the Omatachi from their ancient homeland. Although these antinomians generally share Omatachi ancestor worship traditions, they do not accept any law or moral authority beyond the simple but strict code of their order, and so are often viewed as chaotic and unpredictable troublemakers rather than being understood as deeply lawful and meditative aesthetics who see themselves as having transcended societal norms.