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Halfling boys pinch.png

A rough and tumble bunch of good-for-nothings.


Skills, etc

Mattiverse Next Languages by Member
Ubrekti Flanneri Fresian Primordial TBD
Banner x x x x
Beldon x x x
Bobwhite x x x
Four x x x

- Particularly terrible at, no proficiency and a bad main attribute
<blank> Not particularly notable
+ Proficiency or high main attribute
++ Proficiency and high main attribute or expertise
+++ Expertise and high main attribute
++++ Some crazy god-level bullshit lemme tell you
Bobwhite Beldon Banner Four
Acrobatics ++ +++ + +
Animal Handling ++ +
Arcana +++ - - -
Athletics + + ++
Deception ++ ++ -
History - - -
Intimidation ++ -
Investigation ++ - - -
Nature - - +
Perception +++ + + +
Performance + + -
Persuasion + ++ -
Religion - - -
Sleight of Hand +++ + + +
Survival + +
Stealth +++ ++ ++ +
<blank> Not proficient
+ Proficient
Bobwhite Beldon Banner Four
Thieves' Tools +
Disguise Kit +
Forgery Kit +
Carpentry +
Pan Flute +
Vehicles (land) +

Halfling Boys Tactics


  • Red Door - party drinks with extreme fervor
  • Honey Hag - party pretends to be enthralled by an enchanter to get close, launches a coordinated attack
  • Lizard Head - party flies into a facility with hostile surrounds under the cover of night

Rule #0: Always Be Lucky

Be as lucky as possible and never be unlucky. Halflings live by Marfy's Law:

Anything that can go wrong will typically work out okay. Here, hold my drink!

Halfling Luck

No matter what the boys are doing, they live and die by their luck almost as much as their skill.

Improve the odds

The team has a number of proactive and (mostly) reactive mechanisms to minimize failures and lure successes. Keep the below in mind when trying to optimize rolls:

Ability Enable? Who? When? Often? Roll? Attack Ability Saving Damage Notes
Inspiration - Advantage - Self Before roll 1/inspiration Advantage
Bless Spell+Concentration 3 allies in 30' Before roll charges +1d4
Bardic Inspiration (Base) Bonus Action Ally in 60' (Not Beldon) After roll 3/short (shared with Cutting Words) +1d8 Must hear you
Bardic Inspiration (Cutting Words) - Enemy attacking within 60' of Beldon After roll 3/short (shared with Bardic Inspiration) -1d8 Must hear you, charm effect
Sari's Mark of Fortune - Beldon or his attacker After roll 1/long Reroll
Counterspell Reaction Enemy within 60' of Beldon visibly casting a spell Before spell goes into effect Level 3 or higher spell slot (3/long) Auto-interrupt spell ≤ 3rd level, roll for >3 must be able to see spell casting
Lucky/Halfling - Self After rolling 1 Reroll
Spirit Shield Reaction Enemy attacking (not Four) After hit by attack -2d6 Pseudo-luck, damage reducer, not at Four
Uncanny Dodge Reaction Bobwhite's attacker After hit by attack ½ Pseudo-luck, damage reducer
Shield Reaction Banner's attacker After hit by attack Level 1 or higher spell slot (2/short & 2/long) -5 Pseudo-luck, +5AC until your turn
Deflect Missiles Reaction Banner After hit by missile -(1d10+6) Pseudo-luck, damage reducer, on 0dmg reflect
Strength of the Grave - Banner After damage to 0hp 1/long CHA Save=1hp Pseudo-luck, damage reducer

Rule #1: Always Be Ridin' (Proposed)

Riding on a dog gives you a few distinct advantages:

  • Halfling + Dog is like PB + J
  • Mount can dash/disengage without impacting your own actions
  • Potentially better movement speed than your own
  • Single round movement burst option (technically possible?)
    1. Mount moves (+N feet)
    2. Mount dashes (+N feet again)
    3. PC dismounts (costs half your move)
    4. PC moves (+M/2 feet)
    5. PC could then dash or use bonus action movement options (e.g. rogues) to get even farther.
  • Can hide behind the dogs for stealth
  • Bonus: Four's protective abilities can be used to keep our mounts alive longer in battle

Some disadvantages:

  • Dogs are weak and will probably get squashed often
  • We cannot move through squares of larger creatures while mounted (i.e. no Halfling Nimbleness)

Rule #2: Play to our Strengths

Halfling Tactics Discussion. Explained by Four: "Okay, let me see if I understand. I'm in the front hitting pine cone monsters and dodging their clumsy attacks. Beldon is in the back coughing-up magical help and healing flower petals as needed. Banner is 2nd line, blasting and punching these pine cones to death. And, this is Bobwhite hiding like a creeper behind this rock flinging twigs at the pine cones? Okay, I think I got it now. So when we're all riding doggos, I have to try not to get carried away and let pine cones hit Beldon too often? Okay, okay, it kind of makes sense now... What about when we're on a boat? Are the pinecones sharks?"
  • See Rule #0 and Rule #1
  • Take full advantage of the party:
    • Four's primary combat role: Act like "temporary hit points" for the rest of the party. Ideally no one else takes damage until Four is bloodied or down.
      1. High hit points, hard to hit, resists most combat damage
      2. Debuff physical attackers to reduce damage to the rest of the team
      3. Reduces damage dealt to the team
      4. Consistent physical damage
    • Banner offers essential flexibility: Can nuke from a distance or transition into a front-line hellraiser
      1. Eldritch Blast -- Reliable force damage at range every round it's needed (>5 ft away)
      2. Flurry of blows, burst survivability, great AC, Strength of the Grave
      3. Bag of tricks (Flame damage, illusions, Thunderwave aoe/cc, movement bursts, darkness/silence, persuasiveness)
    • Bobwhite offers incredible ranged DPS and rogue versatility
      1. Sneak attacks at +3d6, init bonuses
      2. Object acquisition/manipulation (invisible mage hand+ sleight of hand, etc)
      3. Incredible stealth/perception/cleverness
    • Beldon keeps everyone else alive with critical buffs/debuffs, luck, heals, and lance shards
      1. Blessings, buffs, and heals keep everyone alive
      2. Area effect and/or control spells (shatter, fear, dissonant whispers)
      3. Bardic Inspirations to amplify the boys and reduce damage in a pinch
      4. Dispel Magic and Counterspell to remove effects or prevent them from ever coming into effect