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Alexandrian Sages divide the history of the world into five ages, based upon what power or powers hold divine authority. Most of these ages are subdivided into sub-ages for ease of classification and study.

The Timeline_of_major_events might be a helpful addition to the following information.

Primal Age : Creation - ~9000 BI

The earliest period of historical knowledge, mostly represented by fragmentary myths and antediluvian legends. Before the Advent of the Eight, when the land was ruled by giants and dragons and other primal forces.

Time of the Eight : ~9000 BI - ~5000 BI

When the Eight first brought the light of awareness in the world.
The Goodly Races are created and thrive under the guidance and protection of the Eight.
Humans and Elves live in hunter gather societies; Halflings and Gnomes live as pastoralists (dogs and goats, respectively); Dwarves create their first strongholds.

First War ~5000 BI - ~3000 BI

The Dark Fiend's presence in the world is revealed after the First Murder is committed.
The Eight and the Goodly Races war with the Dark Fiend and the Servitors.
Primal Forces of the world - Dragons, Giants, etc. - are caught in the crossfire and recruited, wiped out, corrupted, or otherwise irrevocably changed.
Ends when the Eight sacrifice themselves to imprison the Dark Fiend, investing a portion of their power into their closest mortal followers and elevating them to demigod status.
The Lost leave the Mainland for Unknown Lands. The Naga choose stasis to extinction.

Age of Demigods - ~3000 BI - 30 BI

The Demipantheon works in the material realm to organize the survivors of the First War.
The Demipantheon and the remnants of the Goodly Races wage an indecisive Cleansing War against the remaining Servitors for several centuries.
Cleaning Wars end as the romances and intrigues of the Demi-Pantheon stir disorder and unrest in the newly founded cities.
The Demipantheon agrees to retreat behind the Celestial Veil and become hands-off deities.
Ubekti Empire swallows up most of the Mainland and then slowly breaks apart in a number of Wars of Fracture.
The Ubrekti Empire officially ends, and Ubrekt becomes a theocracy.

Alexandrian Age - 30 BI - Present (1515 FI)

Human Hakani royal family dies out. Gildenhome and Fresia scramble to annex territory.
Antioch, one of the leaders of the Hakani theives' guild, unlocks the first Obelisk.
Dark Fiend's prison bindings begin to unravel.
Joshua Pryce leads a successful rebellion and gains Celstian independence.
Antioch establishes the City-State of Hakan with himself as Sorcerer-King.
The Prophet's War
Marwynn unlocks an obelisk.
Alexandria usurps the Omnity and begins Alexandria's Crusade.
City-States of the north united by Alexandria to form Alexia.
Gnomes return to Hakan and the Hakani humans are force migrated to Ubrekt.
Alexandria's Martyrdom and destruction of the Dark Fiend.
The Alexandrian Church is founded and grows to dominate the Mainland.
The Petaran Heresy takes root in Petara.
Zupanism is founded and gains adherents among the barbarians of the Ulan.
1400 years of history.

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