Mattiverse Next - Session 16

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The Other Swamp Temple

Mv16 turtle temple under siege.JPG

  • On the way, they encounter what appears to be a human being attacked by an orc, but take all of six seconds to realize that neither of those are being affected by attacks and that it is probably a trap.

Mv16 ambush predator.png

  • A very well-dressed hag becomes visible when as it attacks the next round, but when it doesn't quite land the blow, it immediately turns invisible and retreats, in true ambush-predator fashion. The party does not encounter it again.
  • They keep moving, and join up with signs of an army, a couple of days ahead of the party.
  • They are stopped by lizardfolk some time after that. The lizardfolk open up with an entangle, but the party convinces them to stand down.
    • They show them the other "lizardfolk" head, and by comparison can tell the thing it came from was pretty different.
    • Some chat ensues. They give a bunch of news to the lizards, and the lizardfolk seem pretty bummed that an army a couple thousand strong is about to wipe out their home.
    • The party promises to try to run the blockade relate this news to their leader, a sentiment for which the lizardfolk seem at least as puzzled as they are grateful.

Mv16 Lizard Shaman.JPG

  • Travel continues, and they reach the army, settling in for a siege.

Mummy Head Run

  • Judicious application of darkness and the Lance of the Wolfen-Khan's flight gets Beldon and Bobwhite inside, while Banner and Four keep watch.
  • They're led through the temple, puzzling at the sights: a glass-enclosed dead tree with a noose on it, ancient but well-cared-for alchemy gear, and more lizards than you can shake a stick at.

Mv16 SwampTempleSomeRecovery.jpg

  • They reach a room with the strangest sight so far: Two ornately dressed attendants to each side of a lizard mummy nailed to the wall.
    • They get to briefly entertain the idea that it is an object of worship, until the two attendants, speaking in unison, make them understand that it is their leader, preserved some weirdo lizard alchemy.
    • The mummy regards the news, lingering on how quickly the party went from place to place. A moment's hesitation passes, and then, with one cut, an attendant removes the mummy's head.
    • The other attendant picks up the head reverently, chants a spell over it, and tells the party, "Take this head to our allies in Wydmoor. You have four days."
    • Bobwhite and Beldon don't argue. They add the head to their collection and skedaddle.
    • Luck is on their side, and the trip back to Wydmoor is uneventful. They arrive with twelve hours to spare.


  • The lizardfolk were not specific about who the allies were, but the Ghostwise ties with the swamp are a natural group to suspect. They approach Redhand and are pretty much forthright with what they know.
    • As expected, the hydra heads have no value whatsoever to anyone.
    • The news is as surprising to him as it's been to everyone else so far.
      • The News: Dead Dragon Turtle, Dead Hydra, Orcs United, GenToo Lizardfolk leading warband, Mummy Head
    • He says they have the means to communicate with the head, but will need a day to prepare.
      • The party isn't keen on just handing the head over--this task seems really important. They dither. Redhand looks disappointed and hopes they will reconsider, but does not stop them.
  • They head over to the Church of the Open Road instead. It's late, and the pastor is cranky.
    • He can cast gentle repose and refresh the duration on the head, for a "donation".
    • They talk about likely people that might mean "allies" of the lizardfolk. He suggests that the Hadriarch might be very interested, an idea the boys immediately reject.
    • They bring up Redhand and he gives his evaluation: He looks after his own. He won't stab you in the back, but his own people are his top priority.
    • He asks them to please stop bothering him so he can get some rest. They comply.
  • Time to discuss: They head to a tavern and talk over beers.
    • One turns to two, turns to four, and they end up closing out the bar. But over the course of their time, they have reached a decision to engage Redhand's help.
    • They rush immediately over to bang on his door. They are rebuffed, but just plop a leomund's magic hut down in front of his house.
  • Redhand leads off annoyed, and says he'll need another day to prepare.
    • But it turns out he was fucking with him, and with a belly laugh he says he figured they might have a change of heart and already made the preparations.
    • "Fuck with an' get fucked with," A ghostwise proverb
  • Session ends here.