Wydmoor Swamp Temple

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A pre-Alexandrian, cathedral-sized temple in the northern reaches of the Wydmoor Swamp. The temple is believed to be the temple of Moyria that was destroyed and cursed by Marwyn Teldandillion in the Prophets' War. It is currently the home of the lizardfolk of the area, who revere the mummified corpse of one of their number who was essential to their rehoming in it. The encampment supports the swamp- and alchemy-based economy of the lizardfolk.


Structurally, the temple has four exterior walls that remain structurally sound in spite of tremendous age (although the fourth, built over the side with the adjoining lake, has been rebuilt recently).

The temple houses an eerie reminder of it's history: a glassteel dome that encases an oak-sized weeping willow and a noose. The story goes that this site once held the spirit of one of Adrillathellior Teldandilion, whom Marwynn was not able to destroy due to an ancient Elven pact. She trapped him forever in the dome, kept in an eternal spring stasis, and he took his own life only to rise as a vengeful banshee.

This banshee was destroyed FI ~1500 by adventurers. Since the destruction of the spectral elf, the inside of the dome has changed to a scene of misty and eternal winter; the great willow remains, but as a brittle and lifeless reminder of what once was.

Its current occupants have been there since the refounding of Wydmoor City, and they maintain distant-but-civil relations with that polity.