Lance of the Wolfen-Khan

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A forgotten relic, a lance forged from star-iron using the secrets of the Naga to create a god-killing weapon of immense power. It was used by the last Wolfen-Khan to kill the demi-god Hadrian, known as the Ubrekt, and by doing so, assumed his thirst for violence and conquest. It was later split into seven pieces by the Circle of Druids, allowing them to break the Wolfen-Khan's power and end her indiscriminate war-making against the Ubrekti Empire.

Identify reveals the following properties:

Individual powers

Counting starts from the pointy end. Individually, every piece acts like a wand with a particular spell. The individual powers are available as part of the combined items, with the new charge/turn and total charges limits.

First Piece (Good Luck)

  • cure light wounds, every extra charge adds another 1d8.
  • Five charges, 1d4+1 charges/day, up to three charges in a casting.
  • Last known location was in the Cragbon after being stolen by Gerom's Gang. It has since become untrackable by the Halfling Boys' Herald.

Second Piece (Blessed Day)

  • bless, every extra charge adds another target.
  • Five charges, 1d4+1 charges/day, up to three charges in a casting.
  • Currently in possession of the Halfling Boys' Herald.

Third Piece

  • mass healing word (three charges), every extra charge adds 1d4
  • Six charges, 1d4+1 charges/day up to three charges in a casting
  • Was in the possession of an Ubrekti fraternal organization, now in possession of the Halfling Boys, currently combined with Blessed Day and in the Herald's possession (max 14 charges, max 4 charges/day, gain 2d4 charges/day fly, mass healing word, bless, ability modifier +3)

Other Pieces

The properties of the remaining pieces are, so far, unknown. Their rough locations are as follows:

  • One piece was somewhere in the Chrysanthemum Bay area, but appears to have recently moved to the south.
  • One piece is in the Valley of the Hedron (Hebron?)
  • One piece is in the Wydmoor Dutchy
  • One piece is in Monstertown

Aggregate powers

Wands may be merged with one another to create an ever bigger item. Once merged, the magic doesn't exist to break them apart again.

The new item combines the charges and abilities of component wands. The ultimate power of this artifact is unknown until the parts are collected.

Known Aggregated Powers

  • One Part (Base) : 3 charges per turn; Attribute Modifier is +2
  • Two Parts: [3 Charges] Fly (+3 Charges to Wand); Max 4 Charge/Turn; Attribute Modifier becomes +3; Regain 2d4+1 Charges per day.

It is also cursed, or so the Druids claim. The nature of the curse is unknown, but it allegedly becomes stronger as parts are combined. The truth and nature of this cannot be discovered without at least a legend lore spell. Identify flags the curse's existence, but not its properties.

Being attuned to a piece of the wand appears to allow some ability to detect the other pieces, though slight difference in this ability were reported between users of Good Luck and Blessed Day.