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XP Sheet Inventory Sheet

Background coordination notes

  • Therunin and Joana met when Joana was sent to get + from her or get her or some misunderstanding. Since then they have developed a professional relationship over the last few years.
  • Joana and Anto know each other professionally, both being urban bounty hunters in the same city.
  • Elian hangs out in the wilderness mostly. Has been contracted by <urban bounty hunter> on occasion to help track people/things.
  • Lady Bern is a noble who's out to out the sucky nobles for their crappy behaviors and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty to do it. She takes bounty hunting jobs to find dirt on targets of interest. Knows the other bounty hunters and contracts them professionally occasionally when she wants to keep a lower profile.
  • Elian and Lady Bern met while they were both trying to take down a noble who was ___
  • Elian may or may not have been drawn here to figure out what is up with the half-elves.
  • Joana and Anto may have other reasons to have checked out the Circus Librorum for various researching.
    • The B-Team was convicted of a crime they did not commit and have been banished from Wydmoor for one year under pain of death. They currently travel together on a basket of errands for several interests.

Skills, etc

Anto Lady Bern Elian Joana Therunin
Darkvision No† No Yes No Yes

†10' blindsight

- Particularly terrible at, no proficiency and a bad main attribute
<blank> Not particularly notable
+ Proficiency or nonzero main attribute
++ Proficiency and high main attribute
+++ Expertise
++++ Some crazy god-level bullshit lemme tell you
* - disadvantage due to type of armor 
Anto Lady Bern Elian Joana Therunin
Acrobatics ++
Animal Handling
Arcana ++ +++
Athletics - -
Deception - + ++
History + + +++
Insight + + + +
Intimidation -
Investigation + +++ + ++
Perception + ++++ +
Performance -
Persuasion - + +
Sleight of Hand + +
Stealth ++ + +
Survival ++
<blank> Not proficient
+ Proficient
++ Expertise
Anto Lady Bern Elian Joana Therunin
Thieves' Tools + + +
Disguise Kit
Forgery Kit
Cobbler's Tools +
Musical Instrument
Dice +
Cards +
Session Notes