Valley of the Sidhe

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Also known as the Valley of Dust or Great Sidhe Desert, it is a large and still-expanding silt desert where the elven forests once stood in the north coastal regions of the mid-Mainland. Over the course of centuries it has swallowed large sections of arable land and led to major internal displacements including large refugee migrations to Wydmoor and Odessa which led to crises in the 1400s. By the 1500s it has covered much of the former nation of Alexia with only a few settlements remaining scattered along the coasts to the north or mountains to the south. While the reason for its' expansion is much debated a consensus has not been reached and some fear mongers have suggested it will eventually over take the entire Mainland.

At some point in the last century, a forest sprang up toward its East side. It is considered haunted, and to some an omen more pressing than the Valley itself.