Banner Rindherder

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Character Stats
Level 2
Race Halfling
Class Shadow Sorcerer 1 / HexBlade Warlock 1
Armor Chain Shirt
Weapon(s) Longsword and Shield
Hometown Someplace


Banner is small and slight even for a halfling. He is very pale with dark hair that frequently hangs over his face and eyes that have slightly unsettling red irises. Despite being slightly offputting, he is capable of being charming and persuasive and can quickly put most people at ease. He's basically a tiny goth halfling (aka a gothling or gothobbit). He wears mostly black or grey clothing and dark chain armor and uses a longsword that looks almost as tall and heavy as he is. When he wields the sword light only dimly reflects off it and shadows around him seem to slightly deepen in a barely perceptible manner.


Banner Rindherder is a Road Halfling from [some origin story place]. He grew up with his always-traveling clan led by Ma Sparrow and Billup. A childhood accident forever changed Banner's life and led to conflicts that contributed to the dissolution of their family's trade.

Early Life

Banner was the smallest and weakest of Ma Sparrow's children. He was slightly whiny and a bit of a lazy momma's boy as he was the only Rindherder child who could get away with being either whiny or lazy around Ma. While he was never an especially well-learned or bookish child, he always loved sword & sorcery adventure stories.

The Incident

(bullet points/will fill in)

  • Shortly after loss of Bobwhite
  • Fell in cave
  • Wandered lost and terrified alone in pitch black darkness for 1d3 days.
  • Supernatural Encounter/investment of power/etc. He can suddenly see in the dark and knows how to get out!
  • Shortly after Rindherder clan brought in a druid and dogs to search for Banner, or at least his body, searchers saw light reflecting off eyes in the distance.
  • He had found his way back and despite the ordeal seemed healthier and shortly thereafter began showing signs of sorcerous power.
  • Found to be clear of possession/not a changeling/etc, but suspicions and fears caused problems.
  • the threat of Wytchfinder hunters leads to striking out away from his family.

Current Life

A couple of years ago, he was reunited with his brothers, and they've since banded together as their own little branch of the clan and have since traveled many miles. After a chance encounter with a hobgoblin on a mountain pass Banner successfully talked their way past a tense situation (via his calling for their rights under the Concord of the Highways) into the most calm and amazing place he had ever seen. A few scalding hot showers, nude runs on precarious rope bridges, and few very intense drinks later Banner had the moment that changed his life. What he shared with the hobgoblin wisewoman in those few moments blew his mind and with the few instructions he received and remembered over the following days changed his entire fighting style. He threw away his armor (then was reminded it cost good money and made to throw it back in cart for sale at the next stop) and began training a quicker more controlled fighting style adding in kicks and punches whenever possible. His brothers keep saying it's a curse but Banner is very much a believer and convert and he wants to tell people. Seriously, have you seen his tattoo? Want to see him smash this crate with 1 punch?


Dogmoot started ok, a good time and they were making money and still having time to enjoy the festivities. Banner got a bad-ass tattoo of a hobgoblin in front of a red door and a pretty decent sword but eventually bad relations rolled in and Banner got partied-out and the whole scene kept going downhill and then went to utter shit. The Rindherders came out of Dogmoot with a quest and purpose but Banner hasn't been the same since. While not particularly bright before he came out noticeably more absent-minded and inarticulate. He's a better fighter and seems more centered but the lad is dim.

**Banner Rindherder's Character Sheet**