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One of the oldest Halfling spiritual and social traditions. Two or three times per century, all of the young halflings who have not attended a Dogmoot are called to attend by the Druidic Heirophants, who send the summons by way of the so-called "Dog Dreams." According to legend, the only aspect of traditional Halfling culture to survive Ubrekti cleansing was the Druidic faith and it was the Druids of the Old Faith that called the first Dogmoot, thirty three years after the final defeat of The Kingdom and the death of the last of the Dog Khans by the Ubrekti legions. (Year??)

Those who attend Dogmoot are forever changed by their experience, not always for the better, but those who miss the event ever after harbor regret.

Dogmoot always occurs during a cusp in the Halfling Zodiac, which align with the periods of the Standard Calendar. In the year 1515, the Dogmoot was called in the month of Heavenfall under the sign of the Dog and began on the first day of the Period of Rebirth during the Reign of the River Dragon. The Dogmoot emptied into the month of Verdant under the sign of the Barge. (ed: Right?)