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Tragidore was the home to both Arak and Alexandria, although only the former was actually born there. It was razed by the Black Wyrm in the winter of 35 BI. It was a small farming village, at the time located next to a swampy forest. Little precise is known, but nevertheless the hamlet features a prominent place in Alexandrian lore. It was here Arek became the first Black Prophet and Alexandria took the Oath of Vendetta before being sacrificed and raised, a key event from the Prophecies of Alabar Tremaline.

Where it physically existed is unknown, and every nation claims former ownership of it. Most, in fact, have an official shrine commemorating the event, often a popular site of pilgrimage. In 87 FI, a minor war broke out between Flannery and Ubrekt over competing claims to the honor. In 88 FI, the Stand pressed Marrwyn Teldandilion - a living witness to the events - on the issue. She responded harshly:

I was the hunted, and to the hunted roads do not need name. I did not care where the road was or where the road led, so long as the road did not run out. I refuse now to conjure a false memory to put to end a foolish war. The Dark Fiend himself guided the hand that smote Tragidore, and all those who now spill blood might well be working in his name. Let the call go out to all the episcopacies - from city priest to remotest cleric - that all who bear arms for such cause are apostate.

By winter of 88 FI, the Homestead War was over.

There is an old Alexandrian saying: "What happens in Tragidore..."

"...could have happened anywhere, for all we know."