Dark Fiend

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According to tradition, the Dark Fiend entered the world 1000 years after its creation, although his existence remained undiscovered for almost 5000 years. During that time, he slowly corrupted the perfection of the early creation, sowing chaos and disharmony. He worked slowly, setting intrigues and suspicions that lay dormant for centuries. Glacially, he set race against race, brother against brother. His arsenal was mighty: greed. pride. envy. suspicion. In time, he corrupted the minds and spirits of the mortal races. His influence was finally discovered after Tedril Eladrith used the first sword to kill his sister, Tidreth Eladrith.

Following the First War, he was banished to and imprisoned in the Realm of Shadow. His followers retreated to the dark and dangerous places of the world, and slowly worked the will of their master and creator. In time, he began to slip his bonds.

While still imprisoned, Alexandria - after acquiring the Omnity - led her followers to the Realm of Shadow and defeated him in finality.

Although gone, his followers were not all eliminated, and many still lurk in dark parts of the world.