Team Alfa Forty-First Session

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5th Heavenfall

  • Upon entering the gates they are met by Eggrin Black, an oily ghostwise halfling who introduces himself as their assigned guide/watcher. He's happy to share the lore of Monstertown to anyone who is curious. He is also leader of the local halflings here and runs the import/export business that brings in goods from the outside world.
  • Monster Town loredrop
    • history:
      • monster town 115yrs ago, the green flu (a plague) swept this region, turning people into (quick) zombies. over the course of half a year, starting from Draglet FORTRESS, it fucked everything up. affected humans and dwarves, wiped out the region monsters flooded west out of the Scar, and spread out into the region (as they were immune). a tribe of KOBOLDS took over DRAGLET FORTRESS. This is where the platinum is coming from. a group of GNOLLS occupied DOG TOWN, driven by a dream sent by their fiendish patron
    • is led by a COUNCIL (5 voting positions, 3 non-voting). Eggrin Black is one of three "shadow councilors." The gnome Hazdrubal Arrd and the half-ogre Johnny Towers are the other two.
      • voting positions: hobgoblins (The General), orcs (Gruul the Great), goblins (The Committee), gubbites (The Old Master), and kobolds (The Queen)
  • spend the night in a dome by the river, next morning a pair of hobgoblins are waiting outside to take us to the Abbot-General. We go to the former Alexandrian cathedral which has been converted into the Monastery of the Order of the Red Door. Stained glass has been removed and most walls repainted solid white. Several dojo groups of many trainees now fill the entire 1st level. We are led up many stairs to what was previously the belfry. The bell has been removed and was melted for metal in the early days of the city's current incarnation. There we meet the Old Master, a very old but still spry and perceptive hobgoblin who brews tea and carries on conversation without ever opening his eyes.
    • monstertown is being extorted by some power in the mountains
    • their champion was about seven feet tall, solidly built, covered by a heavy cloak so hard to distinguish race/etc. He defeated the Town's giant in single combat when delivering the extortion message. The latch of his cloak was stylised like batwings
    • The City sent an elite squad to follow and attack the source of the threat. The party never returned. What remains were found were burned to a crisp
  • town votes:
    • Orctown Vote: FIGHT IT!
    • Koboldtown Vote: PAY (BOW DOWN)
    • Goblintown Vote: PAY (DO NOT BOW DOWN)
    • Hobington Vote: PAY (AND PREPARE DEFENSES)
    • The Caucus Vote: Not allowed a vote (3 representatives)
    • Red Door (gubbites) Vote: PAY (AND PREPARE DEFENSES)
  • next payment is due in TWO WEEKS. Collects it from the wet gate
  • The force has been impenetrable to scrying magics, either because of some nondetection property or because the lair is DEEP UNDERGROUND or both


  • The party takes advantage of the currency inflation of The City by selling gems, scrolls, and other objects of art to Eggrin.