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A new faith in the mainland established roughly two years ago (~1513 FI) whose theology claims that their religious head, Alexandria Avatar (or Alexandria Incarnate, or Sorcerer Queen, or the Lady), is the reincarnation of Alexandria who will bring stability and order to the world. Its activity is centered in Nia-Agliare (their "Lighthouse for (or to) the World."), but it has a presence (well-funded and -staffed) in a large area around that city.

They are a very bookish faith whose accumulated holy texts are already longer than the entire Canon of Orthodoxy.

According to Neo-Alexandrian theology, Alexandria Incarnate is at once the same personage as Alexandria Omnity and also separated from Her by the Celestial Veil.

Neo-Alexandrians are concerned with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised and focus a lot of energy on outreach to them. They are openly antagonistic the the structures and institutions of the Alexandrian faiths, though not to the point of antagonizing or attacking Alexandrians or their clergy. There is a strong theme in the faith of wanting to overturn corrupt institutions and replace them with new, more just institutions. One entire volume of their New Canon speaks of their successes in bringing prosperity and order to Nia-Agliare.

Neo-Alexandrians openly proselytize their faith through the dissemination of very cheap copies of their holy books in massive quantities, coupled with ministry activity and charitable works. These books are popular among unbelievers, as well. Many folks in areas where Neo-Alexandrians are active purchase these very cheap holy books, erase the pages, and use them as cookbooks, ledgers, and diaries.

The holy symbol of this faith is a simple circle, usually of black, gold, silver, or white.

The Bounty Hunters, through investigation, have found evidence that they are sacrificing undesirables and other forgotten people for an unknown, magical purpose (as a result of these efforts, practice of the Neo-Alexandrian faith is banned in Crestence) (they have similarly been obstacles to it in Wydmoor). The church's members they have run into in the borders of the faith's reach have demonstrated a singular mind and fanatic devotion to the cause, although in Estrabule, where it is more established, it has many more converts who don't necessarily demonstrate the same fanaticism and are instead well-integrated into the community (with less direct evidence that they are harvesting undesirables). Some of the merchant houses have even switched their religious alliance without immediately coming to ruin, a significant development.

Several specializations of its members have been observed:

  • At the lowest rank
    • Castigators, unarmed mage-slayers (monk class, mage slayer feat)
    • Glossolalists, dual-wielding rapier trance fighters (op dex-barbarian class, dual-wielding feat)
    • Scribners, ranged magic-users (warlock class, guiding bolt, create bonfire, etc)
  • Leading the above
    • Evangelists, enchanters (bard class, suggestion, sleep, etc)

Additionally, the names of some ranking officers of militant factions within the cult are known.