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Country/Region Heartlands
Size Large City: 50,000+
Demographics Humans and halflings
Government Lord Mayor selected by the patrician families
Economy Large markets, minor magic items and magic scrolls available

Founded in the Pre-Alexandrian times as an independent city-state, it became the "Gateway to the South" of the Alexian state forged by Alexandria after the Prophet's War. It adapted better than most to spread of the Valley of Dust across Alexia and was the first cities of Old Alexia to return to freeholder status. It commands the nexus of several major river systems and is the major inland port for good traveling from Wydmoor, Ubrekt, and Fresia to the Chrysanthemum Gulf and Gildenhome.

It is currently ruled by a Lord Mayor selected by the patrician families who serves for a period of 8 years. The current Lord Mayor, Handzel Greggora, is a savvy autocrat five years into his second term. The arrival of the Neo-Alexandrian cults in Crestence has begun to reveal vulnerabilities in his power base, although their recent ouster from the city by adventurers has strengthened his position in that regard. In gratitude, he ceded the captured facility to the Bounty Hunters, though confiscated the amber and any real valuables.