Mattiverse Next - Session 1

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Dreams and Premonitions

  • The brothers have been roaming from place to place, looking for members of their family. But as of late, their nights have been plagued with strange dreams.


winds pick up around you. blue sky gives way to grey. newborn clouds dance in rings around a clear blue circle of light. a beam of light: white. hot. painful.
you avert your eyes and are blinded. heat washes over you. it is followed, shortly after, by a pulse of force, almost like a heartbeat, but you are already destroyed.
grey clouds spin and darken, taking form as a many-pronged vortex. a dancer: skirt billowing. legs kicking, arms reaching.
reaching and lighting fires.
fires that join each vortex, becoming salamanders taking flight into starry night, seven long limbed acrobats, each quickly learning to dance.
You are drawn into the storm. Lightning arcs around you. The genesis of thunder shatters your bones. You become nothing but your screams which become the raging storm which becomes the tines of the forking cyclone.
You dance with the salamanders and the djinn. The winds howl around you, and your world becomes a hundred foot circle of peace in the maelstrom, lit only by the filtered light of fire and lightning.
you are the heart of the storm.
you are the rod that captures the lightning.
you are the lance that rules the world.


  • They get into the town of Feyerlun, at the junction of the Teine and the Kenduskeag rivers with a load of illicit nightshade for a fella named Riggle. But their contact did not show.
  • They gravitate immediately to the halfling section of town, and end up in a tent, whose proprietor is named Duck.
  • Bobwhite thieves' cants at him, and he responds. In fact, he really opens up.
    • He tells them the guard has been pretty tight lately, cracking down. Riggle probably got caught up in it.
    • It's also been hard to do that sort of business, not a lot of smuggling going in or out.
    • Dreams come up in conversation, and Duck looks surprised that the boys don't know about Dogmoot. He tells them all about it.
    • They all get pretty excited hearing about it, and immediately decide to go there. They spend a while debating routes and slurping down Duck's stew and cider.
  • They have until the Period of Rebirth. It is currently Heavenfall 3. It's not much time to go just a hair shy of 500 miles.
  • They settle on the shortest (but wildest) path, up the Lower Kenduskeag past Krestendorf, the ruined town of Manderaun, and a mountain pass.
  • They try to get some work that way, but no bites. Not a lot of smuggling happening in the middle of nowhere.
  • The group offloads their nightshade, buys a mess of rations, and begins the journey post-haste.

Mvn1 Travel Planning.PNG

Dogmoot, HO

  • Fast travel and random encounters ensue.
  • They bump headlong into a goblin ambush, lead by a hobgoblin. The goblins get a good surprise round in, but the tide quickly turns and the Rindherders win the day.

Mvn1 Goblin Ambush.PNG

  • Their next skirmish is with an ettercap and its spiders. Halflings are poisoned and restrained, but a few lucky hits gives them back the day.

Mvn1 ettercap ambush.PNG

  • Next, they stumble upon a kobold toll box in the middle of nowhere. Bobwhite finds an alternate path that's slower, but probably less full of traps and death.
  • Not long after, they reach the ruins of Manderaun, and with no foreshadowing whatsoever, the session ends there.

Mvn1 world map progress.PNG Mvn1 manderlaun.PNG


  • Charting the Lesser Kenduskeag 50 xp to all
  • Ettercap/spider ambush 165 xp to all
  • Goblin ambush 100 xp to all
    • also some gear and coinage, nothing too fancy
  • Naming Hardmarkt 20 xp to Beldon
  • Dogmoot exposition 25 xp to all
  • Naming the Teine 25 xp to Bobwhite