Good Luck

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Recovered by the Halfling Boys in a sturdy home in Eastwatch Village, placed with care on a desk in front of the skeleton of a person with an empty vial in one hand. It was wrapped in a cloth with the inscription "GOOD LUCK TO YOU". It is a long, thin, and needle-like wand of iron about eight inches long. It tapers to a very sharp point, so it must be handled gingerly.

Mechanically, it is a modified Wand of Healing 1d8+2 (+1d8 per add charge). It requires attunement, can hold 5 charges (gaining 1d4 charges/day), allows a maximum of 3 charges/use, and has no chance of becoming inert.

As of the events of Dogmoot, it has been "awakened". Nobody currently knows exactly what that means.

After magically identifying the wand they learned that the wand is actually the tip of Lance of the Wolfen-Khan and one of the seven pieces into which the Lance was split.

Gerom Rindherder's gang later took Good Luck after ambushing the Boys who were injured from battles acquiring the 2nd piece of the Lance. Through the 2nd piece of the lance which the Boys kept, they were able to sense Good Luck's movements to the Crogbon where it stopped being trackable. Its current location and status are unknown.