Bounty Hunters - Session 22

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Bridge to the Feywild

  • The party gets some rest.
  • Before the solstice is over, they're roused. Anise has stripped herself and covered her skin in paint that Madrin is highly interested in but has no time to study.
  • The ritual starts, and everyone is engulfed in fog. They stand unmoving for a bit before collecting each other and just picking a direction to walk in.
  • The fog recedes a bit to reveal a path in a new wood, unlike the forest they were just in. All of the plants are strange, which fascinates Elian to no end.
  • The path leads to a wide log crossing a stream-like chasm, but there is no visible running water, only roiling fog.
  • They cross carefully, making sure to stay within Madrin's feather fall range.
  • The center is a giant mushroom pile, which is pretty neat.

BH22 treebridge.png

  • Just after the center is a shifting swarm of flying lights, the size of fireflies. They stay mostly in position and do not react to the party, but when touched are hot enough to do actual damage.
  • Bern army crawls under and comes out mostly unscathed. Immediately upon reaching the other side a threatening voice booms out at her, telling the party that they do not belong here and must turn back. A figure approaches from the other side of the bridge, seemingly human, but imposingly large, with green skin where it is visible under a matte, green plate armor, and covered in vines. He carries a large axe and a shield that similarly convey the motif.
  • Whip tries to Mission Impossible through the curtain and absolutely flubs it. Coming out a bit singed on the other side, he nevertheless brings up his sword in a defensive position over Bern and tries to talk the figure down.
  • The knight ignores any conversation and immediately sets into the attack. He shoves his shield at Bern and vines leap out from it, wrapping her in embrace.
  • Two red-hatted goblin-looking dudes with gnarly iron boots and scimitars rush up to flank the knight. They lead with solid kicks that whiff, then set in with their scimitars. They seem hellishly strong for their size.
  • The knight ignores Whip for long enough to pull Bern back several feet. He then attempts to compel Whip forward (triggering Opportunity Attacks from his companions), but Whip resists.
  • Whip dances through the little dudes to chase the knight and protect Bern. The rest of the gang has gotten through the firefly curtain by this point and are joining the attack: Elian elks up and engages with the back line, Madrin keeps Bern afloat in hitpoints and Joana whiffs a chaos bolt and gets a hex up.
  • Session ends mid-combat

BH22 redgreen.png