Team Alfa Thirty-Sixth Session

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32 Whitefall (Winter), 1514 FI

Winter Supplication Festival

  • in a park meets a book vendor hawking books concerning a new religion in Nia-Agliare. This, and the follow-up investigations, turn up a lot of New Lore.

First Downtime Week

  • Thola - gambling
    • Result: wins ?, meets with local crime boss
  • Wolf - pit fighting
    • Result: 3 wins, but accidentally badly wounds a competitor and is banned
  • Sid - research with the halflings on river trip to Nia-Agliare (spend 100gp)
    • Result: 2 pieces of lore: details about the dangers along the river, current state of Nia-Agliare
  • Gorra - rest and relaxation

Planning for trip

  • They decide to head for Nia-Agliare as interesting things seem to be happening there and Gildenhome and Greatlord Hurtz should have very little power there.
  • Buy a barge and supplies

Second Downtime Week

  • Sid - modify existing spellbook into an [Enduring Spellbook]
  • Thola - gambling
    • Results - loss
  • Wolf - gambling
    • Results - win half again stake of 25 gp
  • Gorra - gambling
    • Results - lose half of 25gp stake

Leaving Achenveltd

  • They leave town on 17 Darkreign
  • First day nothing happens and they make it to a river outpost
  • 2nd day nothing occurs during the day, and they reach the next outpost. We fail to convince them to let the toads stay on the barge so Wolf camps across the river with Spruce and the frogs.
    • That night something happens. <cliffhanger>