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A cult centered around Alexandria Avatar (also referred to as the Sorcerer Queen, or otherwise simply as The Lady) whose dogma teaches that she is Alexandria reborn. Its activity is centered in Nia-Agliare, but it has a presence (well-funded and -staffed) in a large area around that city. It operates openly as a proselytizing faith, passing out cheaply printed texts in massive quantities. The members are all singularly minded and fanatically devoted to the cause. The Bounty Hunters, through investigation, have found evidence that they are sacrificing undesirables and other forgotten people for an unknown, magical purpose (as a result of these efforts, practice of the Neo-Alexandrian faith is banned in Crestence).

While they have met obstacles in Crestence and Wydmoor that have temporarily stymied their growth in the region, they still have a strong foothold in Estrabule. They have become well-integrated into the community there, and have evidently grown beyond needing to harvest undesirables in as obvious a way as in the other cities. Some of the merchant houses have even switched their religious alliance and have not immediately foundered, a significant development.

Several specializations of its members have been observed:

  • At the lowest rank
    • Castigators, unarmed mage-slayers (monk class, mage slayer feat)
    • Glossolalists, dual-wielding rapier trance fighters (op dex-barbarian class, dual-wielding feat)
    • Scribners, ranged magic-users (warlock class, guiding bolt, create bonfire, etc)
  • Leading the above
    • Evangelists, enchanters (bard class, suggestion, sleep, etc)

Additionally, the names of some ranking officers of militant factions within the cult are known.