Mithril Springs

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Notable Establishments and Persons

Fire & Gemstone Saloon

The first real building in town, it is run by Mal Bearbellow.

  • A ruthless dwarf, tends to be the leader in town..

Inn & Kitchen

The next real building to spring up , it is run by FI Far-Eye.

  • Weasel

Alda Garrou

Tenant of the inn and recent widow and claim holder which her late husband lost his life over. Claim is said to be overrun by monsters.


Run by halfling Sly Tallfellow. Established in the inn & kitchen's previous competition's building.

  • Moved in a few weeks back and setup a highend brothel & casino. This had led to tension.

Hardware & General Goods Store

Run by halfling Reth Bulldogg and dwarf Skald Starstone

Knave of Hearts Saloon

Run by Bom Nutmeg.

  • Good natured sort

Temple of the Courier


The Couriers are an order of Paladins established during the Schism War. They're the only offically recognized Protestor faith. Mostly their Oath, as their name implies, involved being sworn protectors of messages. This was hugely important to ending the Scism Wars, and the Couriers have grown into a powerful order of message carriers.

Livery & Stable

Run by The Sly Tycoon.

Town Map

Mithreal springs.PNG


Longshanks Hill: Cemetery

Reverend Griff has a cabin here and tend the graves as well as a more traditional garden.

Doc Redrock

The camp's healer

  • Good soul, according to Reth

Regional Information

Native Tribes

There are native tribes (mostly human and orcs) in the area that were partially beaten back to make the camp. There is a high proportion of were-folk among them.

History according to Reth

The camp itself is new, but rumors of mithril round these parts have been active in Gildenhome for years. Apparently the tribes of the region had access to it? Viewed it with the sort of religious fervor only heathen barbarians can muster. But, they used em for arrowheads. Once a fresh mithril arrowhead showed up, the Gilden started forcing gobbos and kobolds into the region After a few decades of this, the local tribes and servitors were depleted both and prospectors started to move in and stake claims. The local tribes are still antagonized by our presence, but decades of clashing over the silver have left them incapable of threatening the camp directly, though they still harass and harry the unwary