Mattiverse Next - Session 6

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More Dungeoning!

  • A bunch of sarcophagi arranged around a pentagram. There are zombies in them.
    • (all undead are halflings)
  • They avoid the pentagram. Turns out it was a good idea--Four steps in after and gets burned for the trouble.
  • There is a chest in the corner of the room. It is full of broken black opals. It is also full of SPIDERS AHHH
    • Good thing it was opened from afar by a mage hand! They are squished and blasted
  • Attempt at short-rest is interrupted by shadows!
  • Another attempt is interrupted by will o'wisps!
  • Third time's the charm, party spends some dice.
  • Down the hallway, a blocked door with machine noises behind it.
    • It opens after some effort to what was apparently a finely arrayed dining hall. Once-luxurious mahogany steadily rots under the barest black remnants of some long-forgotten feast.
    • In the south is a table with manacles and exposed gears that was clearly some sort of entertainment torture device. Mystifyingly, it is actively running.
      • Naturally, it's actually sapient, and it attacks the party. The party attacks back, and beats it off, but not before Four gets to spend some time on the Torture Sex Music Machine.
      • It also attracts a ghast's attention, a clearly deadlier version of the ghouls already encountered.
  • Next is a nicely appointed bedroom. Party manages a long rest, but only after being attacked by quasits and a will o' wisp.
  • Next is a room with a large statue of a nasty dog-spider hybrid, looking suspiciously like the demons the party fought upstairs. It is being ridden by something halfling-sized, but that the party has trouble actually saying is a halfling.
    • It's actually a gargoyle! And it hates dogs! Luckily, it fails to land a hit on Pepper. Party smashes it good.
  • Moving West, the party runs into a bunch more zombies, this time accompanied by an actual spider dog demon-thing. It is a harrowing battle!
    • Afterwards, they immediately find a safe place to rest, but one they aren't willing to take advantage of right now for fear of attracting all the rest of the dungeon.
  • Banner reveals that he has been hearing a voice talking in his head, but no one else seems to be hearing it.
  • Moving on, the party runs into more Will O' Wisps, in a hallway that seems to be longer than it should.
    • After the hallway, reality snaps back into position--except that Four and Banner seem to have not gotten the message. They remain Tiny-sized Halflings.
    • In the room is a butcher. What meat it has available to butcher is anyone's guess, but the party attacks (it is another ghast).
  • Session ends there.


  • 100 xp to all for assorted Zombies
  • 50 xp to all for a couple a' Shadow Hectors
  • 50 xp to all for two Swarms of Spiders (ahh!)
  • 200 xp to all for a Will O' Wisp hector
  • 135 xp to all for Torture Sex Music Machine
  • 135 xp to all for a Ghast
  • 75 xp to all for Will O' Wisp and Quasit Hectors
  • 135 xp to all for Gargoyle Spider Dog Demon-Thing
  • 125 xp to all for a Spider Dog Demon-Thing
  • 115 xp to all for 4 Skeletons, 6 Zombies
  • 230 xp to all for 2 Will O' Wisps
  • 50 xp to all for the Ghoul Butcher
  • 115 xp to all for 1 Will O' Wisps