Mattiverse Next - Session 3

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Crossing the mountain

  • The party prepares to cross the pass, breaking the cart down into a minium size while preserving its hardest-to-replicate pieces.
  • The trail is ill-maintained, and the weather is harsh: Severely hot, then severely cold, sometimes in the same day. The first half takes several days.
    • The weather and lack of appropriate gear forces exhaustion checks at increasing DC every few hours.
    • Near the top, Bobwhite gets hypothermia one night. The party spends the next day burning some cart and making a shelter to wait for better weather while he recovers.
  • Continuing, the party manages to save some time on a game trail.
    • They get a choice: Skip an exhaustion check, or gamble it on hunting goats. Party chooses the latter, gets hides and food for the effort. The hides make checks easier.
  • They hit the highest point of the pass shortly after. The view is beautiful.
  • Shortly after, they run two hobgoblins who don't immediately eat them (it turns out to actually be two hobgoblins and some large number of hiding hobgoblins/kobolds/goblins in a defensive ambush position).
    • They invite the gang to come visit their monastery (monastery?!?), which intrigues them enough to accept.
      • Long story short, the Servitors are Gubbites.
      • Their Master was told by her Master to settle here from Monstertown [ed: they actually have a different name for it, I just don't remember], as a bulwark against Goodly Races and gnolls from the east.
    • The party gets a nice bath. Then, in the presence of the Master, they drink some weird-ass stuff. Bobwhite pukes everywhere, Banner and Four come out with a curse, it was a hell of a trip.
    • The curse compels Banner and Four to seek out someone who has never heard of Gubism every day spent in civilization. It's not all bad, though: it also gives them the ability to take monk levels, without meeting any statistical prerequisites.
  • The Gubbites give the party some nice traveling clothes and send them on their way.
  • The way down is much faster, and the clothes also make it much more pleasant. They make good time and suffer little hypothermia.
  • Very near the bottom, they find tracks: Demihumans traveling with two large, shambling bipeds. Obviously, they have to check it out
    • They find halflings with ogre zombie pets. The ogre zombies are in terrible shape, and had already obviously seen fighting.
    • Each halfling wears a papier-mâché helmet in a spherical shape with a circle cut out in the front. Their faces are painted white within the circle, with a black area in the center.
      • (it is supposed to look like a beholder, not that anyone in the party necessarily knows what that is. It definitely looks weird)
    • One has a fancier helmet with more stalks than the others. Whatever occupies the end of the stalks are evidently some kind of consumable.
    • Battle ensues! The party re-kills some ogres, kills a couple of halflings (kinslayers!!) for the first time, and Banner repeatedly pushes the head cultist violently downhill until he dies. Also, Bartley makes up a sick pun (the leader of the nasty halfling beholder cultists is a hand-eye coordinator, getit?)

6 DAYS TO DOGMOOT (It is currently around noon on 25 Heavenfall)


  • Beholder Cultists: 350 xp to all
  • The Hand-Eye Coordinator: 50 xp to Banner
  • Mountaineering Merit Badge: 75 xp to all
  • All I Got was this Lousy Curse: 50 xp to Banner and Four
  • Meeting the Red Door: 100 xp to all
  • The Long Path Up: 150 xp to all