Servants of the Spider Queen

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As the Rindherder Boys traipse around collecting pieces of the Lance of the Wolfen-Khan, they've pieced together a theme among their resistance, which has taken the form of nasty spider/dog hybrids. Like spiders, they are very comfortable with webs (unaffected by any of their effects) and can climb along walls, and all have a venomous bite that they pair with claws or scimitars. The Boys have witnessed a few different castes:


  • Big-dog-sized
  • Near-animal intellect


  • Horse-sized
  • Spits a glittering web that forces disadvantage on perception checks and grants advantage to attackers
  • Can turn invisible at will.
  • Can cast modify memory.
  • Can summon other demons.
  • Smart enough to impersonate a graduate-level wizard, but still dumb enough that a bunch of halflings could kick its ass.


  • Large-bear-sized
  • Spits a glob that explodes into a cloud that does massive poison damage and prevents speaking on a con save failure for anyone who starts a turn in its radius.
  • Can cast suggestion.
  • Can turn invisible at will.
  • Not as dextrous as the smaller demons, but with a harder carapace and a boatload of hitpoints.
  • Generally smarter than phisrazu. Still too dumb for the Rindherders.