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Wydmoor City
Country/Region Dutchy of Wydmoor
Size ?
Demographics ?
Government ?

Wydmoor City (or New Wydmoor) is an independent city located at the meeting-point of Ubrekt, Odessa, and the Free Cities. Despite being surrounded by much larger empires, the city of Wydmoor has long been a highly autonomous city. This is in part due to its strategic location--the Wydmoor Swamp to the east and the Bloodmane Hills to the north and west allow for strong defensive fortifications. Wydmoor lays claim to being the most significant and widely recognized Tragidore Shrines in the mainland, and draws a great many pilgrims throughout the year.

Since The Restoration, Wydmoor City is the administrative center of the Dutchy of Wydmoor. It is controlled by the Othelio family, who are loyal subjects of the Meade family.


The City of Wydmoor was an autonomously governed city-state after it was occupied in 701 FI by Ubrekti heretics during the disunity of the Third Interregnum, who cleared much of the swamp and quickly picked up productive agriculture. When besieged by the forces of Odriss Rockheart several years later, the city was already able to hold out the six years it took Rockheart and the heretics to truce. The leader of the heretics renounced the heresy and accepted the Hadriarchy of Wydmoor Free City. In 712 FI, when Rockheart assumed the Arch-Wardenship, he granted Wydmoor its autonomy in recognition of its support.

It maintained its independence until late 1401 when it was was destroyed by the invading army of Odessa at the end of a protracted siege and an 18 month campaign. It was abandoned and then overran by hobgoblins, wererats, and the undead until it was re-established in Spring of 1403 (?). In the years following The Restoration, Wydmoor became a haven for the many refugees displaced during the wars and disruption of the early 1400s FI. Canny leadership and strong planning allowed the city to absorb the refugees with relatively smoothly, and fully half of Wydmoor City's old population had been restored by 1405 (?), and within ten or fifteen years the city of New Wydmoor boasted an even greater population.


Wydmoor Factions & Subfactions

  1. First Families
    1. Meade
      1. Meade Loyalists
        1. Lyannia Othelio
      2. Meade Pretenders
    2. Wydsomme
      1. Wydmoor Wydsommes
      2. Ubrekt Wydsommes
    3. Riddermark
    4. Tell
    5. Othelio
    6. Anser
  1. The Collegia
    1. Alchemists
    2. Bards
  1. Azure Geese
    1. Independent, but work closely w/Meade
  1. Moyria's Crossing (Electoral Barony)
    1. Baron Faction
    2. Duke's/Dutchess' Watch
  1. Thieves' Guild
    1. Ratling Faction
    2. Beggar's Guild
    3. Racketeer Faction
  1. Religious
    1. Western Alexandrian Hadriarchy
      1. The city's Hadriarch of many decades was Edi, who passed away in 1514. While beloved by the residents of Wydmoor, other factions within the church considered his treatment of orthodoxy lacking (bordering on heretical). The incoming Hadriarch has made little secret of his desires to return Alexandrianism in Wydmoor back to the fold, and works to discredit organizations that flourished under Edi's presence in order to further those gains.
    2. Eastern Alexandrian Bishopric
    3. Petaran Temples
    4. Protester Faiths
      1. Couriers (Open)
      2. Wytchfinder Family (Underground)
    5. Cults
      1. Amber Empress Cultists
      2. Demi-Pantheon Cults
  1. Halfling Communities
    1. Onrarch Landing [Boat]
      1. (Currently Implicated in B&E, Robbery, Murder)
    2. Hamlet of the Open Hand [Road]