Bobwhite Rindherder's Character Sheet

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Bobwhite Rindherder, former Herald of the Lance of the Wolfen-Khan and Road Halfling Rogue


Ability Scores

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 18 (15 base, +2 halfling, +1 level 4 feat)
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 15
  • Wis: 12
  • Cha: 10 (9 base, +1 halfling)
  • Proficiency Bonus: +3
  • Save Proficiencies: Int, Dex
  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Athletics, Arcana (x2), Investigation, Perception (x2), Sleight of Hand (x2), Stealth (x2)
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Thieves' Tools, Forgery Kit, learning Brewer's Tools (days tracked on inventory sheet), Boatwrightery


Road Halfling

  • Size: Small (35 lbs, 2'10")
  • Speed: 25 + 5 (squat nimbleness)
  • Lucky (halfling trait): When rolling a 1 on attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, the halfling can choose to reroll before results are revealed.
  • Brave: Advantage on all saving throws against being frightened
  • Nimbleness: Can move through the space of any creature that is only a single size larger
  • Languages: Ubrekti, Fresian, Thieves' Cant
  • Ability Score Increases: Dex + 2, Cha + 1
  • Naturally Stealthy: Can attempt to hide even when only obscured by a creature at least one size larger

Class Progression

  • Expertise: Get 2x proficiency bonus on four skills already proficient in, or three skills and thieves' tools.
  • Sneak Attack: When you attack a target with advantage, or who is within 5 feet of another hostile creature, you gain extra damage dice depending on Rogue level
  • Thieves' Cant: Speak with other rogues without letting others in on the secret, takes 4x as long to convey a message.
  • Cunning Action: Bonus action to dash, disengage or hide
  • Rogueish Archetype: Arcane Trickster
  • Spellcasting: You can cast spells! You have limited spells known and can change out one non-cantrip per level. All but the spells chosen at level 3, 8, 14 and 20 must be of the Illusion or Enchantment schools, but those spells can be swapped out for other non-Illusion, non-Enchantment spells when swapping out a spell on level change.
    • Spells
      • Cantrips: minor illusion, mage hand, booming blade
      • 1st-level: silent image, color spray, disguise self, acid stream (any school choice)
    • Slots
      • 3 1st-level
  • Mage Hand Legerdemain: Mage hand is more flexible for you (can be invisible, more available actions), and also only costs a bonus action to manipulate.
  • Uncanny Dodge: Use your reaction on taking damage when an attacker you can see hits you with an attack to mitigate half of that damage.


  • Rogue 4: Squat nimbleness: Gain +1 Dexterity (to 18) and 5 feet of movement speed (to 30). Become proficient in either athletics or acrobatics, and you have advantage on any Strength(athletics) or Dexterity(acrobatics) check to escape a grapple.


  • Riddles's Mark of Cunning: +4 to all initiative rolls


Background: Urchin

  • Proficiencies: Arcana (in lieu of sleight of hand), Investigation (in lieu of stealth), disguise kit, forgery kit (in lieu of thieves' tools)
  • City Secrets: When you are not in combat, you (and companions you lead) can travel between any two locations in the city twice as fast as your speed would normally allow.


  • Studded leather, short sword, light crossbow. Dagger (one cold iron) and sling in backup. Carries Manderly's Cheatbook