University of Hakan

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University of Hakan
Location University City, Hakan
Motto Inquiry & Diligence
Established 145 BI
Affiliation Gnomish Chancellery
Chancellor Mister Chancellor
Colors Not even the gnomes have mascots.

In Hakan City, University of Hakan is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. For centuries, this school has been home to some of the top scholars ever produced. The current University is only loosely affiliated with its founding history.

  • The first of the New Schools. Established by the Sorcerer-King Antioch in the decades before Alexandria's Assumption of the Omnity in order to collect and codify the Prophecies of Alabar Tremaline. Alexandria and her Stand studied here for a time, before denouncing Antioch and a pretender.
  • After the Prophet's War and the Gnomish Reclamation, the University became the center of Gnomish scholarship, research, and archival activity just as the nearby settlements became the administrative center of the Gnomish state. Badly damaged during the Gnomish Civil War and the Ravaging of Antioch, it has lost a great deal of prestige in the century since the Crisis, but it remains the greatest repository in the known world for illusion and abjuration magic.