Temporal Authority

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The Temporal Authority is the name given to the regions of the mainland ruled and administered directly by the Eastern Alexandrian Church. The Temporal Authority is west of Gildenhome, and in pre-Alexandrian times, was a part of Gildenhome itself. It is the home of Alexandria's City, and the earthly center of the church bureaucracy. Additionally, the Holy Nexus, Dadtim, serves as the crossroads of all the traveler's roads in the Authority. The cities of Port Steros on the eastern coast and Satsyuo on the western coast serve as the two major ports-of-call for the Authority, and the mid-sized city of Gate in the south is accepts overland trade from across the empire, as all of the travelers roads of the Mainland converge there before forming a single artery from Gate to Dadtim and on to Alexandria's City.