Team Alfa Twenty-Sixth Session

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  • The remaining werebats from last session are chased down and 3 are killed while 1 manages to fly away.
  • The caves are searched and loot divided.
  • After trying to take a long rest in the filth of the goblins and bats, everyone in the party besides Wolf (who is immune) contracts Cackle Fever over night.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 500xp - 3 werebats killed, 1 escaped


  • Immovable rod
  • Bronze and wood chest.
    • The chest is trapped but Sid is able to disarm it successfully and recover 2 acid vials in addition to the contents of the chest: 960 cp, 120 sp, 19 gp, 2 pp
  • On the fanciest werebat goblin a bronze crown not of goblin make(250gp)
  • The other 6 werebats were wearing mithril thread and black velvet masks (25 gp each). Thola believes these masks were likely made by ghostwise halflings