Team Alfa Twenty-Seventh Session

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  • Sid - 1 week research into local ruins or magical weirdness
    • Results: find 1 nearby ruin
  • Gorra - religious services at the temple
    • Results: full rate on gem cash in and 1 favor - A favor, in broad terms, is a promise of future assistance from a representative of the temple. It can be expended to ask the temple for help in dealing with a specific problem, for general political or social support, or to reduce the cost of cleric spellcasting by 50 percent. A favor could also take the form of a deity's intervention, such as an omen, a vision, or a minor miracle provided at a key moment. This latter sort of favor costs inspiration but is otherwise always successful, although DM determines its nature of the intervention.
  • Thola - scribing scrolls
    • Results: 3 guiding bolt scroll, 1 scroll of thunderous smite
  • Wolf - training and equipping militia
    • Results: 50 militia members, 40% of militia is given shields in addition to whatever weapons they could find. Wolf gains inspiration.

The War Council

  • The camp notables palaver to determine next steps.
    • The party is disinvited when Sly raises a stink.
    • Invited: Mal, Mal's Henchmen, Sly, FI, Charlie, Reth, Blasinov, and Other Bar Guy.
    • Group decides to form a provisional government to meet the delegation and raise a militia just in case.
      • FI is declared Mayor, Conn is declared Sheriff. There are no other positions.
      • Most people didn't really seem to want the jobs. Reth agrees to help train the militia.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)