Team Alfa Twenty-Fourth Session

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  • Party spends a downtime week. Gorra and Wolf spend it healing the ill. Thola spends the week gambling and loses 150gp. Sid spends a week working for Charlie Otter's warehouse for 1 gp.
    • Charlie is an affable guy, humble and self-deprecating, though he occasionally reveals himself to be tremendously insightful.
    • Now considers Sid a friend.
  • After the week, they set out to check on the ghostwise halfling who was the first case of cackle fever. They manage to find his claim fairly easily and find a dead halfling who has been dead for some time and has been exposed to the elements. The corpse is too badly decayed and has also been fed on by animals so no one is able to tell the actual cause of death.
  • The party finds a small amount of loot and some mining equipment in poor condition.
  • Large claw marks on nearby stones suggest giant bats have been active in the area and a few hours of searching locates a large cave with evidence of bats. Around twilight many normal bats fly out of the caves, but no large bats are seen. Nightfall also brings sounds of industrial activities from the caves and the sound of goblins.
  • Owlbert is sent ahead to scout the cave but is shot down by goblin sentries.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 1200xp - eradicated sickness


  • 0.15 pounds of mithril dust
  • pouch with 15 silver and 13 gold