Team Alfa Twenty-Eighth Session

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  • Handlestadt embassy arrives. In addition to the diplomat types, there are 25 well-equipped mercenaries. 6 of which are mounted heavy cavalry.
  • Mayor FI and Sheriff Conn go out to meet them then report back to Mal.
  • The embassy sets up camp outside of town, digging trenches and latrines and raising tents with the mercenaries setting up guard lines.
  • After spending some time watching the embassy camp the group meets with Mal in his office.
  • He shares his distaste for the idea of "kneeling" to Handlestadt
  • He also informs the group of a problem at Sly's Casino. Several of the sex workers in Sly's employee died of a strange wasting illness. He suggests talking to the Doc who Sly had called to check them.
  • The group visits the doctor who confirms that some sort of non-disease effect which led to them not being able to sleep and go mad and eventually waste away and die. After seeing several of them Sly stopped calling him. He is not sure if it has stopped or if Sly is just disposing of the bodies elsewhere.
  • Thola spends some time gambling at the casino while watching the comings and goings there. Several prospectors are there meeting one at time with Sly. Thola sends an invisible mouse-form Owlbert to spy in the office. There Sly is offering large "unlimited" platinum pieces to buy up prospectors claims.
  • The group tracks down Sly's employee Leon and interrogates him using suggestion when mundane persuasion fails.
    • Leon describes a recent arrival: A gnome named Wallkott, the "gnome with the nose" who claims to be able to smell magical metals. Wallkott wears glasses with dark lenses and a hat at all times and "Represents some interest up North". Leon says that when he saw Wallkott without the hat and glasses his eyes were solid black and he had a sigil on his forehead. After having Leon draw the symbol, Gorra recognizes it as being the sigil of The Greatlord Hurtz, one of the Greatchief's closest advisors. He is the chief engineer of Gildenhome, a renowned craftsman, a vet of the Gnomish-Dwarven war of a century ago, and one of the few Mithril Masters remaining in the Mainland. The type of sigil is a mark of indentured servitude indicating that Wallkott is a thrall of Hurtz.
  • Thola and Wolf go to Sly's Casino but are thrown out and permanently banned as Sly is upset about Leon's interrogation.
  • They join Gorra and Sid who had been watching Wallkott's window from an alley.
    • Thola sends in a rat-mode Owlbert to check the room, but 2 eldritch bolts explode the familiar almost immediately.
    • Wallkott sticks his head out of the window and he and Sid trade some insults but the group eventually leaves him and goes to rest in their hut.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 1500xp - politics and plot