Team Alfa Twentieth Session

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  • The fight against Jak Caller continues. The group head towards the raised center section of the temple where Jak stands on the head of a statue.
  • Something conjures a fog cloud over the steps.
  • Gorra shoots an upcast guiding bolt and hits Jak for good damage and he jumps off the statue and disappears from sight.
  • The party continues to take out Jak's summons while Jak continues to summon more including burning volcanoes from which magma and smoke mephits erupt.
  • Wolf exchanges blows but eventually takes out another Githzerai Monk
  • Jak shows off the ability to fly around.
  • Thola blasts Jak with a very effective guiding bolt. Someone else delivers the final blow.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)


  • Ring of Protection +1 (FIne SIlver)
  • Ring of Mind Shielding (Crude Iron, contains the incubus' soul): While wearing this ring, you are immune to magic that allows other creatures to read your thoughts, determine whether you are lying, know your Alignment, or know your creature type. Creatures can telepathically communicate with you only if you allow it. You can use an action to cause the ring to become Invisible until you use another action to make it visible, until you remove the ring, or until you die. If you die while wearing the ring, your soul enters it, unless it already houses a soul. You can remain in the ring or depart for the afterlife. As long as your soul is in the ring, you can telepathically communicate with any creature wearing it. A wearer can't prevent this telepathic Communication.
  • The Red Caller's Knife (Ability Req. Attunement): Crude Star-Iron Dagger (Damage is magic typed) Attuned Bonus Action: [Choose a target.] On successful hit against this target, you deal critical damage on a roll of 19. After any critical or sneak attack damage is rolled, you may add one of your hit dice to the damage total. You may not pick a new target for this ability until the first target is slain or you take a short or long rest.
  • 50 lbs of obsidian. (worth 40 gp/lb)