Team Alfa Twelfth Session

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Wererats and Scoundrels

Cabin in the hills

Longshanks Hill

Met reverend Griff, the man who tends teh graves (plants corpses). He recommended we seek out Reth @ the Tool shop when we got into town.

Arrived in Mithreal Springs!

Mithreal springs.PNG

Experience & Loot


  • Wererat Encounter (2 wererats dead, 2 escaped): 325xp
  • Rescue Byll and Charlie from lycanthropes: 200xp
  • Welcome to Mithral Springs: 1000xp
  • Location Scouted (livery): 25xp
  • Location Scouted (Inn & Kitchen): 50xp
  • Location Scouted (hardware store): 50xp


  • Mithral Dagger from Byll